Surveying and consultancy services

Thomson Survey provides a professional service associated with experienced knowledge of the Local Council District Plans. Each project is customised to meet the individual needs of each of our clients, efficiently utilising the latest modern equipment and innovation.
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view of surveyor's work truck from drone
Thomson Survey are experienced in Land Development, whether it is an 800m2 site or a site that has the potential to be subdivided into several hundred lots.

We regularly work with other professionals, such as engineers, architects, landscape architects, solicitors, real estate agents, and we have a close working relationship with local and national government groups.

Our services include:

Land Development

Subdivisions - designing, consents and management
Resource consent planning and applications
Land use consent applications
Boundary adjustments

Land surveying

Topographical surveying
Redefinition surveying
Redefinition surveying
Unit title surveys
Māori land surveys

Engineering surveying

Building construction
As-built surveys for roads and services
Volumetric analysis
Precise control surveying
Geodetic control surveying
Land deformation monitoring

Aerial surveying

Large-scale topographical surveys
Farm mapping
Land assessment from aerial mapping
Aerial photo control
Stockpile volumes
Point cloud data

Why choose an aerial survey?

Using orthorectified imagery our drone can survey any area that we can then geolocate the image to be in terms of your boundary.
aerial survey over orchard


We have surveyed a 70 hectare property with a flight time of 1.5 hours. Less than a day's work that would typically take more than a week using conventional methods.
high aerial view from drone


The drone can fly into areas that are not safe for people to work in. Areas such as cliffs, high banks, deep holes, and limited access areas are not a problem anymore.
contour plans can be laid over the drone image


We can produce contour plans with the drone image as a background picture. We can also send clients a .kml file that can be viewed on programs like Google Earth.
photo of beach and foreshore from drone

Point clouds

Point cloud data is useful for design, 3D viewing, and creating digital terrain models (DTM). The drone can quickly survey ground elevation over large areas - up to 50mm accuracy.

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